Free eBook: Mastering Diversity – How to Nurture an Inclusive Team


What does it mean to have a
diverse workforce and why is it so important? 


We look at the ways you can evaluate your diversity as a company and look at practical solutions to ensure a diverse hiring process.



What you’ll find inside

Redefining Diversity

Defining and assessing diversity in a modern team.

Pros and Cons

The benefits and challenges of a diverse team.

Make it Happen

How to ensure an inclusive team.

Breaking the Mould

How minorities fit in a team dominated by one demographic. With Lu Li.

Insider, Outsider, No-Sider

How does diversity fit in the generation gap? With Dee Murphy.

Featured contributors

Dee Murphy

Dee Murphy

Expert in Residence, Jobbio

Lu Li

Lu Li

Founder, Blooming Founders

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