What is the ‘Day in the life of…’ series about?

This is a great opportunity to give a behind the scenes look at your bar and show people what it’s like to be part of your team. Once you complete the questionnaire, send it back to me. We’ll add some images of you, your team and your space and it’ll be featured on the Jobbio site over the coming months. All we ask is that you be open, honest and as colourful as you like.

Tell us your name and the name of your bar? (required)

Tell us a little about your bar (when was it established, what’s it’s style and what kind of customers do you attract) (required)

The bar industry is a competitive one, what sets yours apart from the rest? (required)

What’s the most popular drink on your menu? (required)

What’s your secret to ensuring customers return? (required)

What are three ‘must have’ qualities for people who come and work for you? (required)

What are the perks of working for your bar? (required)

What are the challenges your employees face? (required)

Any advice for people who want to have a career as a bar owner / manager? (required)